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"The School of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Heriot-Watt University has used Big Choice Group for many years to promote our postgraduate programmes in general and to advertise specific programmes in targeted campaigns and publications. We noticed a clear increase in student applications. One of the ways they helped us increase our Nanotechnology applications was to optimise an article for us on a specific search term 'masters nanotechnology courses', which we had specifically requested. The article has been at the top of the organic Google immediately after that campaign and for two years afterwards.

The products offered by Big Choice Group are very professionally produced and appear to be attractive easy to use by potential applicants.. Furthermore, Big Choice Group is continually extending and improving the products they provide, moving with the way how students are searching for study opportunities.

I became the contact person for the contract with then SRMedia in the summer of 2010 and have had regular updates and meetings with David Phillips and Lew Wernick. The meetings are always extremely well prepared and useful, as are the updates. As a result, I am extremely happy and satisfied with Big Choice Ltd as provider and with David and Lew as our contacts."

Wolf-Gerrit FrÜh, Director of EPS Postgraduate Taught Programmes.

"'s Exhibition service, has met all expectations every step of the way, demonstrating an excellent understanding of the target market. As a result we have successfully and consistently found excellent candidates through the services and websites provided by the group.

BigChoice Group truly deserves the reputation they have built up as market leaders in this extremely specialist field"

Universita Cattolica, International Project Services

"As discussed on the telephone we enrolled students this year, who told us that they used international graduate when searching for an MSc. I would be interested in discussing further advertising once our contract expires."

Outreach Officer - Imperial College London

"ICMS has been working with Big Choice (and formerly SR Media) for nearly 3 years as a result of meeting Henry in Hong Kong. The biggest difference we've found with Big Choice is that their initiatives actually result in new, qualified leads and their staff is helpful, knowledgeable and business-minded. Unlike many other education marketing opportunities that only include an online profile, course listing or magazine ad, we know that Big Choice will provide a comprehensive campaign that brings students that are interested in our courses directly to us.

Over the past 2 years we have received over 150 leads that resulted in 40 applications and 15 enrolments (Some applications did not convert as a result of Australian immigration!). This year we have chosen to ramp up our efforts with the inclusion of the virtual fairs which I am very confident will result in even more leads and enrolments."

Tim Maillet, MMgmt MBA (MGSM)Vice President - New Business Initiatives